“Create with the heart; build with the mind” –Criss Jami

Some projects are similar, but every design is unique.

We have worked on multiple projects ranging from high end realestates to luxury appartments.

Modern Architecture

As Modern Architecture appeared towards the end of 19th century, we can see some characteristics include but are not limited to the use of rectangular shapes for the building perimeters. Traditional materials such as wood, stone and steel are used in innovative ways to create an appealing aesthetic that highlights the magnificence of the materials themselves. Angles at building edges are sharper to give a cleaner and simpler design aesthetic. These characteristics combine to give the owner a mix of comfort, efficiency and elegance.

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Traditional Architecture

Traditional Architecture can be seen all over the world with each culture and time period contributing to a unique building style. Architects generally look to the characteristics of the buildings from the past in order to craft a traditional style structure. This produces a sense of continuity and aesthetic appeal that homeowners tend to favor. Therefore, prospective homeowners can maintain a community’s tradition and heritage in their buildings while satisfying construction standards approved by the building code.

Browse some of the traditional projects we’ve worked on: