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Welcome To Structural Design Plus, Inc. Structural Engineering and Drafting.

Here at SDP we strive to abide by the two rules that encompass structural engineering; Safety and Serviceability. Our work ethic is to provide our clients with the most efficient design within a reliable time and reasonable price. Structural Design Plus, Inc. operates out of San Fernando Valley and has been designing jobs for over 20 years in Southern California.

At SDP, our team recognizes how essential it is to incorporate the latest designs and approved trends to suit our client’s needs. This allows us to grow as a company and instills a collaborative interactive relationship between our team and our clients.

Structural Engineering

It is the design of members to transfer loads through the structure and into the soil. In California, engineers go a step further to specially design structures to withstand earthquake loads through the transfer of forces using lateral systems. In certain situations, engineers also analyze existing and new structures based on certain parameters such as material used and location.

The complexity of architectural designs require a structural engineer to think in creative ways to safely design an economical structure. In addition to designing and analyzing, the goal of a structural engineer is to improve the field of civil engineering in service of the surrounding community and fellow engineers.